joy memories

joy memories_2geez, this week has been freezing – there’s been lots of beanies, coffee and layers put on. luckily it hasn’t been pouring with rain every day, so i’m quite grateful for that. The sun has still been making an appearance here and there, which makes me smile a bit. I’ve been getting back into reading program related literature, and it’s been really comforting for me. I’m looking forward to the next couple of weeks because I can finally get back to seeking some support, which will hopefully help push me a long again.

all photography by: Joyce Wong (@ms_jwong)
IMG_9518     IMG_0280
IMG_8889     IMG_0311
IMG_0252    smallville
1/  Oh this last essay is slowly killing me softly. I feel so unmotivated to finish this off in this weather, but i’m nearly there. Everything seems to take double the effort, and double the time in Winter.
2 / I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed ‘Pizza Hut’ for dinner! It was very nostalgic ordering take out with the fam bam and reminiscing on the old times. Stuffed crust is still the best!
3 / this is my ‘hamster’ who lives on my car dashboard. He is so adorable to look at when i’m waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. His name is ‘Tako’ ♥
4 / Been trying to take some fibre supplements to get more nutrients in me. I’ve been really struggling to maintain balance in all aspects of my life (especially my health) this Winter.
5 /  Decided to brave the cold and stroll through the park the other day. How pretty are these purple vibrant petals? It’s nice to see a few colours amongst the brown leaves.
6 /  Been watching way too much Smallville, even though it’s a corny and old television show. Season 7 is pretty sad, and i’ve come close to crying in a few episodes. eugh, i’m such a hopeless romantic! (image from here)

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