joy memories

joy memories_2It’s been a long week, but an even more long day. This week it’s been mentally draining and I feel my head has been occupied with lots of thinking and feeling. I’ve been bothered about things in life that have not been solved immediately, which doesn’t help my anxiety levels. I’ve been trying to learn to ‘let things be’, instead of take immediate action (as my default response). But geez, this has been tough.

There are parts of my life I feel that I am pushing forward with, and then there are other parts which I feel I haven’t been putting in the effort. It’s difficult to have it together all the time. Sometimes, it’s not about letting people down, but letting yourself down which hurts the most.
all photography by: Joyce Wong (@ms_jwong)
IMG_4197     IMG_0139
IMG_0852     bear
IMG_0711    market
1/  I’ve been missing those beautiful warm autumn days. I love this photo i took a few months ago while the sun was setting at the golden hour. I can’t wait for warmer weathered days.
2 / My pet snail is 4 months old! He has come a long way, and i hope he keeps growing! He is eating mashed banana here. I think he looks adorable when he eats.
3 / To celebrate my big sister’s birthday, we went to ‘Dinner by Heston’ (one of my favourite restaurants) and it was wonderful. I still think their chicken liver pâté is still the best one out there. It’s so freakn delicious.
4 / Now that I am on uni break, I have more time to sew some plushie toys! These ‘Make Your Own’ kids craft kits are the best. Even though the time and effort to make one toy is so long and hard, it’s always worth it in the end.
5 /  I’ve been looking for a new psychologist for some time now, and i’m beginning to lose hope. My mental health has been on a bumpy road so far this year, but I am determined to find the one that feels right for me. #keepingItReal
6 /  After years of thinking about it, I finally held my first market store! It probably wasn’t the most wisest idea to do in Winter, because it was absolutely freezing at 5:30am in the morning. I looked like a snowman in 2 degree weather!

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