joy memories

joy memories_2This week has been pretty chill with the planning side of things. I feel very grateful to have the time to rest in these holidays, because it might be the last time i get a ‘real holiday’ before I finish my degree (if i’m lucky to find a job at the end of the year). I’ve had a lot on my mind mentally, and sometimes find myself unexpectedly quite emotional. I try to feel whatever it is i need to feel in the moment, but I can’t help but apologise for just being human. It’s a silly defect.

My little sister started full time work this week, so I’ve had more time to be ‘alone’ with my thoughts. It’s a strange feeling to be honest. I’m so used to having company around me. I’ve definitely been quite challenged with facing myself this week. But i’m hoping… it’ll get easier with time and patience.
all photography by: Joyce Wong (@ms_jwong)
IMG_9458     IMG_1100
IMG_0981     IMG_1068
federer    IMG_0312
1/  Started the week off by feeling a little under the weather following last week (market stall). So I tried to rest a little more and keep warm.
2 / My little sister bought a new ring for me. Recently, I lost my other beloved purple ring and I was pretty sad about it. So this present feels extra special. ♥
3 / I am so happy my oven is finally fixed! after 2 weeks being broken, it feels amazing to have it working again. I made the most gooey decadent ‘dark chocolate cheesecake brownies’ to celebrate. And they were delicious!
4 / It feels really nice to have mum home again, so i took her out for lunchie. I fell completely in love with the interior of this bistro. The food was alright, but the ambiance was beautiful.
5 /  The wimbledon Tennis tournament started this week, and I couldn’t be more excited! Fingers crossed my love Federer will get to the end. So far, he has made it to the 4h round! (imagery from here)
6 /  Been trying to break into my new ballroom shoes for a few weeks now… but i’m still getting a few blisters from them. I’m too lazy to put bandaids on, but maybe i should start to do that?

One thought on “joy memories

  1. My mother loves Federer too! She was squealing with delight when Nadal lost… haha!! The purple ring is super pretty. Hoorah for the oven getting fixed and I remember seeing photos of you ballroom dancing, what a lovely thing to have in your life just do break out and do something other than study and all that adult-ting we have to do day by day! x


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