joy memories

joy memories_2This is my second last week of holidays before I return back to my final semester of University. It’s been really lovely to soak up the remaining few days because it’s going to be a hard semester. Unexpectedly, the week ended on a strange note. I’ve been feeling quite dazed lately, with much on my mind about life.

No one tells you how complicated it is being a human being, while you’re surrounded by all these faces of people looking perky and happy. It’s easy to feel like you don’t have a place or space to be honest, to be real and reveal the truth. The truth being that, life isn’t always perfect. I don’t always feel happy, excited and positive. In fact, most of the time I am anxious, isolated and stressed about many things. But no one wants to hear these ‘negative’ thoughts and feelings, so we’re expected to push them aside right? Paint a smile on my face, and respond with ‘i’m good’ when asked how we are.
Oh life. It’s a complicated, strange thing. And as I keep getting older, I can’t figure it out any more clearer. It makes sense that you would, but i swear… things become more blurry.
all photography by: Joyce Wong (@ms_jwong)
IMG_1062     IMG_0313
IMG_1212     IMG_1111
Untitled-1    IMG_1190
1/  I finally bought myself a babushka doll at the famous stall in Royal Arcade. After so many years, the iconic store is closing down, which is a little sad. It’s been here for 26 years.
2 / I decided to experiment with making a healthy-ish mac and cheese for lunchie. The béchamel sauce is made with cauliflower (no cream or butter), which was surprisingly delicious and comforting. I think i need more cheese next time though, hehe.
3 / I went to the Melbourne ‘Finders Keepers’ market this weekend, and surprisingly it was pretty good. It’s always a sweet day to hang out with my little sister. I really loved chilling with her, drinking coffees and scouting around for some good buys.
4 / uni results came out this week and it’s a relief to have passed all my units for last semester. I also passed the Compulsory ACER Literacy and Numeracy exam from a few months back, which is another thing to tick off. Phew.
5 /  I cannot believe Federer won the Wimbledon 2017 tournament! What an absolute champ! I don’t know how many more he has in him, but it’s amazing to see him keep striving forward. I’m so proud, and so happy! (Image from here)
6 /  For the last couple of weeks i’ve been trialling various  ballroom dancing studios in Melbourne. I’ve been curious to see what else is out there, and to experience how it is to be taught by someone different. It’s been interesting so far… but I’m still looking.

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