joy memories

joy memories_2Every week I put together a small collection of ‘memories’ for this series, and it’s easy to lose sight of what it represents.

I’ve had some of the hardest, most difficult days this week… and actually contemplated skipping this post because it’s been that painful. Then i remembered why i started this weekly series of ‘joy memories’, and it reminded me that in struggling times – I definitely need these posts to help me feel ‘thankful’ for the moments I take for granted. I need this space to show me my life is more than just a ‘hard week’; it’s more than the struggle.
I have a really good life but sometimes i get lost in the emotional rollercoaster ride of it all. This space, helps to bring me back to reality. even if it’s just for a few minutes, I’m grateful for these ‘joy memories’.
all photography by: Joyce Wong (@ms_jwong)
IMG_0069     pie
IMG_1804     IMG_1025
IMG_1313    IMG_1304
1/  lately my dad has been obsessed with buying, peeling and eating chestnuts! Chestnut season doesn’t last very long in Australia, perhaps by next week there won’t be many left to eat.
2 / For a winter comfort meal, I decided to make homemade beef pies. The pastry was deliciously buttery, and filled with Julia child’s ‘beef bourguignon’. Oh so yummy.
3 / I am totally that annoying adult in a shopping mall who swings on the grocery trolleys like a little kid. it is so much fun, even though everyone gives me greasy glares. hehe.
4 / The term 3 school term began this week, and my student was hard at it again. I know she’s finding the content tricky, but i really believe in her. I know she can do this.
5 /  I think it’s nice to wrap up some homemade goodies for friends, just for something a little special. Something simple can go a long way. ♥
6 /  oh the rain… it was pretty wet, windy and cold this week. Unfortunately this kind of weather affects my mood, and I don’t find the sound of rain very comforting. Winter is a little uncomfortable.

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