joy memories

joy memories_2Well it was back to uni for me this week; oh hello final semester.
I’m slowly getting back into the routine of juggling tutoring, studies and life again. I’m also starting to apply for jobs in the education industry, and it’s all a little scary. Everything’s getting pretty real with my masters course coming to an end, and I just can’t shake that ‘scared’ feeling.
Going back to uni again this week, the reality feels ‘real’. I keep thinking about the future, and wanting to make sure things are in place. I just want to ‘be sure’, or double sure… or better yet, triple sure, that I have something at the end of this. I just, want to make sure this course was worth it.
all photography by: Joyce Wong (@ms_jwong)
IMG_1358     IMG_1402
IMG_1356     IMG_1085
IMG_1357    IMG_1383
1/  I love sitting on my bed, editing photos and wearing my winter socks in the afternoon. The sun comes out to warm my body, and it’s a pretty sweet feeling. ♥
2 / It’s head down, bum up. Final semester of uni has begun and I need to knuckle down. The motivation feels a bit low, but i’m hoping that will come back (very) soon!
3 / My dad bought some delicious oysters from the South Melbourne market, which were a real treat because it’s not often I get to eat such big and juicy oysters  in winter!
4 / I finally finished sewing my unicorn plushie! Oh he is such a cutie because of his rainbow hair.
5 /  I didn’t realise the importance of reviewing my meds until this week. Feeling very grateful that I am surrounded by some supportive people to remind me of this.
6 /  Ahh there is no better way to finish off the week than to whip up some homemade rocky road! I love how crazy colourful this batch is. It looks like a party down there.

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