joy memories

joy memories_2Lately I’ve had a strange feeling and thought overwhelm me.
‘I have no idea what I am doing’. 
It’s the strangest thought to have floating around in your head… and honestly, i don’t have a practical reason for why i feel like I am mindlessly stumbling through life. But here i am, making it to these weekly uploads, without a clue as to why I keep going. The past few weeks have really challenged me. Only now, am I starting to ‘want’ to leave the house and see people again. Even when i have come close to giving up… i just haven’t.
Maybe, there is a small part of me that doesn’t want to… or maybe it’s just stubbornness. I can’t even be sure of that. I honestly, have no clue. My life just feels like a blur sometimes. And I really have no idea what i’m doing?
all photography by: Joyce Wong (@ms_jwong)
IMG_1424     IMG_1423
IMG_1157     IMG_1103
IMG_1359    empire
1/  i actually find shopping for glasses pretty fun with my little sister, even though she has been taking forever to make up her mind to choose the right pair.
2 / Finally, I went to visit ‘Beatrix’ for some delicious homemade cakes! For some time I have been admiring these cakes, so it was pretty exciting to stop by the shop and bring some home!
3 / Apparently these ‘fidget spinners’ are the biggest thing for kiddies these days. I feel so old because it’s taken me so long to catch on… but my tutoring student is obsessed with it.
4 / The winter weather has surprisingly been quite sunny this week, so I went on a walk. Sometimes there are some really random strange things I come across… like this pink aeroplane figurine?
5 /  I’ve been trying to get into the habit of packing my lunch for days when i have uni. Sometimes i find it awkward to eat in class, so I just eat in the car. hehe.
6 /  I decided to finally finish watching ‘Empire’ season 2. I think i prefer to watch these episodes in small amounts… because it can get pretty ‘over dramatic’ at times.

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