my name is Joyce,
I’m a 25 year old petite pixie girl,  living in Melbourne, Australia.
This space is my sanctuary that i’ve created as an extension of who i am. my love for photography grows everyday as i capture little stolen moments from my life, and it is with this medium that i am able to document my cooking adventures too. ♥ my cooking philosophy is very simple, i love “handmade homemade” cooking with the name of my blog reminding me the happiness that comes with this belief.
the “Cooking With Joyce” series is still a work in progress. i’ve always wanted to share my home cooking journey with the world, but never thought it was the right time until now. By uploading a few recipes every now and then, i hope it inspires you to try your hand at whipping them up.
“Joy Memories” is a weekly series to capture my life beyond the cooking… either thoughts or things that have happened during the week i like to capture through photography. yes i am that embarrassing girl who is always snapping away at things..! I hope you get to know a little more about me through your time spent reading and cooking through this blog, and my instagram (@ms_jwong).
thank you for stopping by ♥
** ALL imagery, typography and banners are crafted, photographed and edited through myself, unless otherwise stated. **

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